Term of Usage

You are entering into an agreement with AoxVPN to use its virtual private network communications services and other related services and features. This service strongly discourages its users to involve or indulge themselves in any criminal activities. It is strictly an anonymity and privacy based service. You agree that you will not violate any rules or laws of any jurisdiction you are originating from, or entering into.

You agree not to use our system for executing any malicious activities, including and not limited to; sending spam, scanning for open proxies, port scanning or open relays, sending opt-in email, unsolicited email or any type or version of email sent in large quantities even if the email is ultimately sent off of another server. You agree not to launch any pop-ups from our service. You agree not to attack or harm in any way, shape or form, any other computer or network while using our service.

Service, speeds, quality, locations may vary. The service will be available 24x7, excluding the time reserved for maintenance and repairs. However, the service may be subject to unavailability due to unforeseen situations beyond our control including emergencies, third party failures in their service delivery, transmission, network, infrastructure or equipment limitations, interference, interruption, signal strength – refused, limited or curtailed.

We will not be held responsible for data, messages or pages lost, not delivered, delayed or misdirected because of interruptions or performance issues with the Service or communication services or networks (e.g., the Internet). We may impose restrictions such as, usage or service limits, suspend service, or block certain kinds of usage in our sole discretion to protect users or the service.

Network speed is an estimate and is no indication of the speed at which user or the service sends or receives data. Actual speed of the network will vary based on configuration, compression, network congestion and other factors. The accuracy and timeliness of data received cannot be guaranteed; delays or omissions may occur.

We strictly do not log any user activity (sites visited, DNS lookups, emails etc.). Our system will not request any personal information. We do not entertain any requests for information. We will protect you to the best of our abilities and our system is setup to automatically do so. There are number of reasons for being anonymous and we fully respect them all.

Hacking, cracking, distribution of viruses, fraudulent activities, network sabotage, phishing, and/or any activity deemed illegal or unwanted are strictly prohibited in all circumstances. You agree to be responsible to maintain secure configuration of your services, and are responsible for any damages caused by your neglect or exposure of vulnerabilities, whether intentional or unintentional.

AoxVPN does not limit bandwidth or data usage per user; however the use of service is subject to fair usage. Creating automated or manual VPN sessions in a manner that would impersonate a bot or exerting excessive load on the network that may disturb other users on the network, or utilizing substantially excessive bandwidth that exceeds the average user bandwidth usage for an extended duration etc., come under unfair usage of the network. You agree not to be involved in unfair usage of AoxVPN’s services.

End Of Services

AoxVPN has the right to terminate or pause its services at any time.

Limited Liability

AoxVPN shall not be liable under any circumstances for any special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages arising out of, or in any way connected with this Agreement and/or any services and products that you may choose to use, including but not limited to: damages for lost profits, loss of service use, loss of data, loss of privacy, damages to third parties. This limited liability clause shall apply even if AoxVPN has been notified of the possibility of any claims. In no event shall AoxVPN’s maximum liability exceed the total amount paid by the user for the service or the product.

Important Note

AoxVPN reserves the right to change and amend its Terms of Service at any time as it may deem suitable. In case any changes and alterations in Terms of Service occur, AoxVPN will always inform its user via an update. Any user, if after the modification in the Terms of Service still uses AoxVPN; it will be treated as an agreement between AoxVPN and user on the new Terms of Service.

Restricted Use

To access and use AoxVPN and its services you are subject to these terms and all applicable regulations and laws. By using AoxVPN, you agree not to enable, encourage or assist others for:

  • Fraudulent, criminal, illegal, illicit, unlawful or criminal activities, which includes and is not limited to spamming, port scanning, sending opt-in emails, or sending unsolicited emails or any other version for that matter in vast quantities, even if they are routed through third-party servers, use of stolen credit cards, financial fraud, cloaking, kidnapping, murder, rape, sale of stolen goods, sale of controlled substances, hacking, phishing along with other similar activities;
  • Gaining unauthorized access, deny service to other users on other networks, node or computer through AoxVPN services;
  • Exploitation of children in any way, including photography, digital content, video, audio, etc;
  • Uploading or distributing files containing Trojans, worms, viruses, corrupted files, or other similar programs or software that may affect another’s device;
  • Interfering or attempting to interfere with AoxVPN’s services, transactions taking place in regards to AoxVPN services or any other activities carried out by us, disrupting our networks or website connected to the AoxVPN services, or bypassing measures set in place to restrict or prevent access to the AoxVPN services;
  • Exploiting the AoxVPN services in unauthorized ways, like burdening or trespassing network capacity;
  • Using scraper, spider, robot or other automated means to access AoxVPN services or our website for any purpose without our written approval;
  • Collecting or harvesting personal information about other users of the AoxVPN services;
  • Collecting or harvesting personal data of individuals, without legitimate consent or interest, or in violation of any applicable law;
  • Taking action to impose or may impose a large load on our infrastructure;
  • Representing our AoxVPN services or as a related agent;
  • Incorporating the AoxVPN services or a portion into another product or program;
  • Reproducing or copying any part of the AoxVPN services;
  • Disassembling, translating, modifying, decompiling, reverse engineering or creating derivative works based on the AoxVPN services, including its documentation or files, or determining or attempting to determine algorithms, source code or techniques used in the AoxVPN application;
  • Violating moral norms, fair conduct norms and good customs;
  • Violating third party rights, including breach of personal data, copyright or intellectual proprietary right or property;
  • Attempting to harass, stalk or threaten others, promoting discrimination or bigotry;
  • Attempting to manipulate the AoxVPN brand, products or services;
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the AoxVPN services, computer systems or networks associated with the AoxVPN services through password mining, brute force, hacking or other means;
  • Using AoxVPN services for military purpose, including weapons development, cyberwarfare, design, manufacture or production of biological, nuclear or chemical weapons;
  • Using AoxVPN services for torrenting that involves copyright infringement.

Use of Advertising Services With Free VPN Products

For users of our free VPN products, namely Aoxvpn, we may serve ads through the use of third party advertising services indicated below. As previously noted, neither aoxvpn nor any third party advertising service has access to the VPN browsing information, such as the websites you visit or apps you use while in a VPN session. However, as with any online advertising service, the entities will have access to the information associated with the ad delivery such as which website or app the ad was delivered to, and the device-specific information listed below.

In order to display ads in our apps, we may utilize third party software development kits (SDKs), which consists of software code provided by a third party and embedded into our apps. These SDKs may collect the following information from your device or use;

  • Device or mobile advertising identifiers (controlled by your mobile operating system)
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address, which may reveal your approximate geographic location as determined by your carrier or ISP. However, when using the VPN service, this may replace your actual location with an alternative geographic location.
  • Device-specific information such as make, model, OS version, language, time zone and other information.
  • The name of the app or website serving the ad.

As some of the ads may be personalized based on your mobile advertising identifier or IP address, you may see an AdChoices icon on an ad. You can click this icon to learn more about the ad network that provided the ad, its privacy policy, and your choices regarding opting out from any personalized advertising. If you opt out from personalized advertising, you may still see non-personalized ads. While we request you not to use ad blockers to prevent the display of ads because that is how we support our free services, our services are able to continue functioning if you do use ad blockers.

We use the following advertising services to provide ads with our free VPN products:

AoxVPN is not obligated to enforce the aforementioned terms against you. We encourage our users to let us know of violations; however; we may take appropriate action at our discretion.